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What We Do? Community Social Services MRC has a holistic community development philosophy. At MRC we work in close collaboration with the Community Planning Board (Bronx Board 3) and other local community groups. We have developed a complement of services and programs. Which include the Women's Health Forum, Business Startup Forum, Hansel McGee Foundation, Summer Youth Awards, 777 Troup, Recruit Drill, Regular Drill, The Harriet Tubman Charter School, Healthy Eating Garden Groups, Food Pantry, and The Martin Luther King Center for Non-Violence. The Harriet Tubman Charter School: The school is the first Charter School to be approved by the New York State Board of Regents. In 2001 the school opened with grades Kindergarten through 3rd, it is now serving Kindergarten through the 8th Grade with over 450 students. In 2007 the charter was renewed. More MRC Food Pantry: In 2003 MRC conducted a survey to determine the most pressing community needs and identified that hunger and undernourished conditions existed amongst the senior the disabled within the community. In 2003, through the support of City Harvest, the pantry was opened. Subsequently, the pantry received a grant September from the United Way that helped in the expansion of the pantry. The Food Bank NYC and HRA now also support this site. The Martin Luther King Center for Non-Violence: MLK Center for Non- Violence was established in 1995, this center is the engine for our social services program. The center has conducted many programs, projects, and events geared to informing, educating and uplifting its participants through training, job referral and employment counseling. These programs include job training, conducted in cooperation with the State University of New York’s ATTAIN Lab. This project provides training in the areas of occupational skills, academic and employability skills. There are over 19 modules under the above categories, and the lab serves over several monthly. Also, the Center also hosts cultural programs including the annual celebration of “King Day.” The center has also provided counseling and classes to immigrants applying for citizenship. The success rate for this program was impressive, assisting approximately 1000 persons to become citizens representing 100% of those who participated. There are some other initiatives regularly carried out by the center e.g. financial, health, emergency preparedness, and entrepreneurship. We have an on-going outreach to encourage all of our tenants to participate in these programs, and many do benefit from them. These workshops are also available to the general public. More SBS Many of the areas small businesses are involved in the formation of a partnership to improve the 169th Street McKinley Square business District. Provided through a promotional program between MRC and New York City Small Business Services.
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